Nordsol bio-LNG

Bio-LNG is an environmentally friendly form of LNG, made from biogas. Bio-LNG is essential for the heavy-duty, long-haul transport sector to become more sustainable. Nordsol is committed to making bio-LNG a clean and safe advanced biofuel that is widely available at an affordable price. Our bio-LNG production installations are located next to the biogas plants. With the Nordsol technology, the energy in biogas is efficiently converted into a liquid form that is most valuable for the energy transition. As a result, bio-LNG increases the value of biogas.

Bio-LNG projects

Nordsol bio-LNG plant in Amsterdam

The first bio-LNG plant in the Netherlands, initiated by Nordsol, Renewi and Shell, is built, owned, operated and maintained by Nordsol. The plant  upgrades and liquefies 8 million Nm3 biogas from organic waste into 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG and 6.3 kilotons of bio-CO2 per year. The plant has been operational since October 2021.

In the news

FirstBio2Shipping project will provide Dutch bio-LNG for shipping

December 13th, 2021

Nordsol, Attero and Titan awarded with funding


First commercial offloading Nordsol bio-LNG

October 28th, 2021

First commercial offloading Dutch bio-LNG


Dutch king opens first bio-LNG plant

October 14th, 2021

Dutch king opens first Dutch bio-LNG plant



Nordsol’s bio-LNG market expertise has its roots in our progressive technology. We have largely reinvented the process of making LNG by carefully considering the key differences between natural gas and biogas. The result is a compact, highly integrated system of biogas treatment and liquefaction, which makes small-scale bio-LNG production economically viable.

The iLNG process for making bio-LNG from biogas

In 2025 we aim to produce

30.000 tons

of bio-LNG per year

Routes to bio-LNG

By pioneering in the new bio-LNG market and building and operating the first production plant in the Netherlands with our own technology, Nordsol has grown into an all-round bio-LNG expert. Today, the company works closely together with biogas production partners and committed bio-LNG clients to develop new bio-LNG projects that are grounded by a solid business framework. In these projects, Nordsol can be a technology provider or a business partner in organizing the full value chain from biogas to bio-LNG offtake.