First commercial biogenic CO2 shipment

Amsterdam, November 5th, 2021

The first batch of liquid biogenic CO2 has been supplied to the market by Nordsol. Although a by-product of our bio-LNG production plant, the capture and liquefaction of the biogenic CO2 adds significantly to the overall CO2 abatement and plays an important role towards net-zero emission transport. 

The bio-LNG plant also produces biogenic CO2 which displaces fossil CO2 in the industry

The biogas from which Nordsol produces bio-LNG is made by anaerobic digestion of organic waste from supermarkets. This biogas consists for 99% of methane and carbondioxide (CO2). To produce bio-LNG the biogas is first upgraded to biomethane by separating the methane from the CO2 and other components. The biomethane is then liquefied to bio-LNG. The remaining biogenic CO2 is also liquefied and supplied to the industry where it displaces fossil CO2.

Capturing and liquefying biogenic CO2 significantly reduces the carbon intensity of the entire bio-LNG production chain and contributes to carbon neutral transport. 

The bio-LNG plant in Amsterdam produces 6.3 kilotons of biogenic CO2 per year.