Bio-LNG is critical for the decarbonization of long-haul, heavy-duty transport. It supports a more environmentally friendly form of LNG along with a reduction of our carbon footprint. Nordsol is committed to making bio-LNG a clean and safe advanced biofuel that is widely available at an affordable price. 

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Shell, Nordsol and Renewi celebrate the millionth kg of bio-LNG in Amsterdam

November 9, 2022 – Attero, Nordsol, and Titan have joined forces to achieve a decentralized production of bio-LNG designated for use in the maritime industry. The three partners met at the site for the plant – located at the facility of waste processor Attero in Wilp, the Netherlands – where the final investment decision was made and where building can now begin.

The energy transition will only be successful through collaboration and sharing of knowledge. Nordsol is committed to work with the editorial community to underline the importance of bio-LNG for a more sustainable world and share knowledge to accelerate the bio-LNG production capacity. Please reach out to for more information.

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