Visit the bio-LNG plant in 2025

In collaboration with BGS Group, Nordsol offers the delegates of LNGCON 2025 in Amsterdam a unique opportunity to visit the bio-LNG production plant.

At the plant, Nordsol produces premium bio-LNG from sustainable biowaste. Waste processor Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands and converts it into biogas. Part of this biogas is supplied to the bio-LNG installation where the Nordsol technology upgrades and liquefies the biogas to bio-LNG and biogenic CO2. Shell distributes the bio-LNG to supply customers with bio-LNG and help them reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Onsite liquefaction of biogas to premium bio-LNG
  • From sustainable biowaste to a truly green transport fuel
  • Proven, energy efficient technology that’s scalable across Europe

A unique opportunity

In the morning of March 12th, the day following the LNGCON conference, we will provide a guided tour through the installations that produce bio-LNG from biowaste.

  • Biowaste automated unpacking and processing
  • Biogas production in fermentation tanks
  • Biogas upgrading with membranes only
  • Energy efficient liquefaction to bio-LNG
  • Remote process control and data analysis

The program takes about 2,5 hours. The bio-LNG plant is located in close proximity to the conference hotel and Schipol airport.

Please register with BGS Group for this technical site visit. Keep in mind that the number seats is limited.

“In Amsterdam, we prove that onsite bio-LNG production is scalable, sustainable and affordable.

The advanced technology for unmanned upgrading and liquefaction of biogas to bio-LNG and biogenic liquid CO2 has been in stable operation since early 2022.”

Léon van Bossum, CEO of Nordsol

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unica ed ecologica.

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