Nordsol, Renewi and Shell

First Dutch bio-LNG production plant, initiated by Nordsol, Renewi and Shell

From biogas to bio‑LNG

Nordsol opened the first Dutch bio-LNG plant in October 2021. This plant upgrades and liquefies 8 million Nm3 biogas from organic waste into 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG and 6.3 kilotons of biogenic liquid CO₂ per year. The plant is built, owned, operated and maintained by Nordsol. The project was realized in strong collaboration with Renewi and Shell.

Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands and converts it into biogas. Part of this biogas is delivered to Nordsol for the production of bio-LNG. Nordsol has optimized technology to produce bio-LNG from biogas locally at an affordable price point. Shell distributes the bio-LNG to supply customers with bio-LNG and help them reduce their carbon footprint.

The strong partnership between Renewi, Nordsol and Shell was key in the realization of the first bio-LNG plant in the Netherlands. Through long-term offtake contracts, the three partners were able to create a viable business case and mitigate risks. Marjan van Loon, former President of Shell Netherlands: “Bio-LNG is the next step in making the cargo sector sustainable. Thanks to this collaboration we can offer our customers in the logistics industry a cleaner alternative, starting with road freight transport and, eventually, also maritime transport.”

“The use of smart, energy-efficient technology to optimize the utilization of all residual flows is the basis for a local, circular economy and a healthy business case.”
Jerom van Roosmalen, co-founder of Nordsol

Working with Nordsol to build our bio‑LNG plant was an exceptional experience. They didn't just supply technology; they were true partners. Thanks to Nordsol, we're now at the forefront of sustainable energy production.”

Biogas producer
Construction of the plant

Construction of the bio-LNG plant started in November 2020 and took about ten months. The plant is based on a standardized, modular concept. The modules were built in the workshop and integrated and installed on site in a short time.

The applied technology is optimized for producing bio-LNG from biogas. The upgrading and liquefaction steps are fully integrated for maximum energy-efficiency, process robustness, and low equipment count.

Opening event

On October 14th 2021, the plant was officially opened by King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands. We were honored to host His Majesty and several other guests who have played a vital role in the realization of the first bio-LNG plant in the Netherlands.


Being a frontrunner in bio-LNG production also means having to develop a project in a novel market. Along the way, Nordsol and partners have gained valuable expertise in many aspects that are essential for the safe, economically viable, and sustainable operation of the bio-LNG plant in Amsterdam, such as:

  • The most efficient way
  • A closed-loop system
  • Utilizing every resource
  • Offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Independence from grid connections
Our experts

As chemical engineer in the field of sales Rob feels that the energy transition requires innovative technology. There is a lack of urgency and Rob wants to start working today on sustainable solutions for the future generations to come.

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A green and great
business opportunity.

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