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We know exploring an innovative business opportunity like bio‑LNG production is exciting yet challenging. But choosing Nordsol means partnering with leaders in technology. We're not just providers; we're pioneers who have perfected the art of bio‑LNG production and operations, ensuring you peace of mind. So why wait? The time to act is now.


But at Nordsol, we’ve revolutionized bio-LNG production with our iLNG process, making what was a complex procedure surprisingly simple and efficient. Our unique method integrates steps that were once separate, greatly reducing energy use and simplifying the process.

Most efficient bio-LNG production process

We’ve redefined the bio-LNG production process by taking full advantage of the key differences between natural gas and biogas. The result is a compact, highly integrated system of biogas treatment and liquefaction, combined with carbon capture and reuse. By transforming what was once a complex procedure into something straightforward and efficient, we’ve significantly reduced energy usage.

Reliable biogas liquefaction technology

Our own plant, which we know intimately, has been our testing ground. Here, we’ve rigorously experimented and gained deep insights, ensuring our biogas liquefaction technology is not just innovative but also reliable. We deeply understand our technology. Plus, our service system, both standardized and exceptional, is always on standby during the operational phase, assuring you optimal process reliability.


Let’s be open about it; setting up a bio‑LNG plant is initially costly. However, bio‑LNG production significantly enhances the value of your biogas; it’s an investment that promises high returns. Bio‑LNG production is more than just a process – it’s an understanding that initial expenses can pave the way for increased revenue, particularly as every step towards reducing CO2 emissions has a financial upside.

Financial benefits of our zero methane slip technique

Our bio‑LNG technology at Nordsol takes a groundbreaking approach by liquefying CO2 and ensuring no loss of methane molecules. This zero methane slip in our bio‑LNG plant is a real game-changer. It means we prevent methane, a major greenhouse gas, from escaping into the atmosphere during production, leading to two major financial benefits:

  1. Capturing and reusing methane molecules maximizes product yield
    By capturing and recycling stray methane back into the process, we convert every bit of methane into bio‑LNG, enhancing both efficiency and profitability.
  2. Zero methane emissions offers environmental and financial gains
    Our plant’s low carbon intensity and zero methane emissions not only boost our environmental credentials but also open up financial opportunities. We’re talking about carbon credits, incentives, or savings on environmental compliance costs. Furthermore, this positions us ideally in a market increasingly favoring eco-friendly energy solutions.

So true.

We know the bio‑LNG market is still emerging, yet the demand is substantial. We need to reduce CO2 emissions now! There are those who must comply, and then there’s the frontrunners. Early adopters in the bio‑LNG market are poised for financial success. Become a pioneering market leader, gain a competitive edge in an emerging market. Get involved early in this market.

Create a local circulair system with bio‑LNG

We can help you find an offtaker for your bio-LNG. Also a great option and business opportunity: transform from being just a supplier to creating a self-sustaining local circular system with bio‑LNG. Picture this: producing bio‑LNG from biogas, derived from your community’s waste. Then, power the very trucks that collect this waste with your bio‑LNG. It’s a full-circle solution, enhancing sustainability right where you are. And this is just one example of many possible use cases.

Be an early adopter in the circular economy

Become a key player in your community’s economic network. This move isn’t just about being eco-friendly; it positions you as sustainability leader, enhancing your corporate image and attracting clients who value environmental responsibility. Moreover, it drives innovation and makes a positive impact on the community.


The European Union has made a commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. Yes, regulations are constantly changing, but global research tells us: our world faces environmental challenges. We need to reduce CO2 emissions now.

The leading solution for decarbonization

Long-haul, heavy-duty transport is responsible for a substantial part of our carbon emissions. Making this sector more sustainable is challenging, yet crucial for reducing global warming. At Nordsol, we believe in bio-LNG as part of the solution. And we can back this up with facts (just ask us). With its volumetric energy density being three times higher than hydrogen – a feature also utilized in rockets – bio‑LNG is the leading solution for decarbonizing long-haul, heavy-duty transport, because it is perfect for long distances. But most importantly, we can reduce emissions NOW. Our technology is proven, we are ready to build you a plant. Are you?

A green innovation that is here to stay

Right now, bio‑LNG is a policy-favored solution by the European Union. But what if there’s a better – and backed by regulations – solution in five years? Of course, we know there are more, different solutions that are being worked on, batteries being one off them. Currently, bio‑LNG shows its greatest potential with trucks and ships. But the use of bio‑LNG is flexible. Its versatile nature fits well within legal and regulatory scopes. There’s always a practical use for bio‑LNG, regardless of regulations. It’s a versatile energy source, a green innovation that is here to stay.

A green and great
business opportunity.

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