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At Nordsol, we are driven by a powerful belief: that we can change the world through smart technology, entrepreneurship, and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability.

Our world is in desperate need of change. And we are in the middle of it. So are you. We feel a deep need to contribute to the energy transition. How about you? Together our circle of influence is bigger. Doing nothing and staying in this status quo is not an option. Let’s shape this world and its future. For ourselves and for our children. Why wait?

At Nordsol, we act today. We want to achieve social significance by enabling sustainable long-haul transport. By focusing on bio‑LNG we will have an immediate impact. Because there is a better way. With our breakthrough technology we make the most sustainable bio‑LNG possible. Plus, it offers an attractive business case. 

By sharing our bio‑LNG expertise, we bridge the gap between the worlds of waste management and transport fuels. Together with biogas producers, transport fuel suppliers, committed investors, and premier technology suppliers, we develop and build bio-LNG installations

We are on a path to making bio‑LNG mainstream as a clean and safe advanced biofuel. Join us in this journey and help us shape a more sustainable future. Let’s move. Now. Together.

Meet the visionairs

At Nordsol, our journey towards transforming the energy landscape began with a shared vision. Meet the faces behind Nordsol's bio‑LNG movement. Together, we've turned the concept of bio-LNG from a vision into a reality.

Léon is building a team of bright people to spearhead the decarbonization of long-haul transport through Nordsol's unique technology. His passion? Inspiring all stakeholders to contribute to an impactful energy transition.

Léon van Bossum CEO & Partner LinkedIn

Wouter connects the dots for the energy transition. Using existing infrastructure and technology, along with de-risking the business case are his tools to integrate biogas from waste into the fuel market. He has experience in strategy and finance.

Wouter Zijlmans Financial Director & Partner LinkedIn

Michiel is devoted to the development of sustainable biofuels, e-fuels and new process routes for biogenic CO2. He's an expert in Gas & LNG plant design and operation, (co)-author of 14 patents, and very committed to share his in-depth knowledge.

Michiel van Aken Technical Director & Partner LinkedIn

A team of dedicated, talented specialists, a robust business model, and cutting-edge proprietary technology.


A powerful partner for results-oriented business, proven technology, and comprehensive support.

Green side

Determined to green the world together with bio‑LNG believers.


For the sake of future generations, we believe in taking action today. Later is now!

Let's work on European climate targets together.

Avoided CO₂ emissions since 2022 with Nordsol’s technology

Join us in achieving 1.000.000 ton in 2030!

Beautiful in it’s simplicity

Innovation is in our DNA. We take pride in the advanced technology we’ve developed. It’s not just advanced; it’s beautiful in its simplicity. It transforms waste into valuable energy in a way that’s elegant and efficient. Our bio-LNG technology is the result of smart thinking, hard work, and a profound respect for our planet.

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