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We believe that collective expertise is the driving force behind innovation, and our expert team exemplifies this philosophy. With backgrounds ranging from engineering to environmental science, finance, business development and beyond, we work together seamlessly to develop cutting-edge bio‑LNG solutions and provide unparalleled support to our partners and clients.

Combining her technical background and passion for sustainability, Alexa is thrilled to contribute her expertise at Nordsol, translating scientific insights into practical solutions for a greener future.

Alexa Grimm R&D Engineer LinkedIn

Danny joined Nordsol straight from university. Not only to contribute to a more sustainable world. The versatility of the job and the ability to learn fast by putting process engineering theory into practice makes him jump out of bed every morning.

Danny Leentvaar Process Engineer LinkedIn

To Dennis, team spirit, collegiality and passion for innovative technology are paramount. He gets energized when he’s part of a team that takes on new challenges and solves problems together, in order to make a sustainable product such as bio-LNG.

Dennis van der Wal Sr. Project Manager LinkedIn

Dorota takes pride in contributing to a sustainable future alongside her like-minded colleagues, knowing that their collaborative efforts positively impact generations to come.

Dorota Pigiel Leal Project Manager LinkedIn

Fosca's dedication to the environment finds a home at Nordsol. Her background in maritime, biogas, business innovation and development settle in a visionary team. She finds fulfillment in this heroic mission, for our circular economy and planet!

Fosca Poltronieri Business Development LinkedIn

Jasper applies his expertise in service and spare parts at Nordsol, driven by a passion for technology and sustainability. He values Nordsol's kind, open, and non-hierarchical culture, aligning with his professional and personal interests.

Jasper Tegelaar Head of Service

After graduating in Process Technology, Jiska wanted a versatile job in which she can develop further. At Nordsol she discovered many different sides of the business, she combines theory and practice, and she has easy access to different specialists.

Jiska Filon Process Engineer LinkedIn

Joost enjoys Nordsol's environment where experience and knowledge boundaries are continuously expanded and new challenges are tackled. With his operational expertise and can-do mentality, he contributes to providing bio-LNG to the world.

Joost Andringa Operations Director LinkedIn

For Kristjan, the environment belongs to the Earth. We, as humans, are just consumers on this planet. Kristjan feels grateful to contribute to decarbonization of transport by making bio-LNG more mainstream.

Kristjan Leppik Project Manager LinkedIn

Léon is building a team of bright people to spearhead the decarbonization of long-haul transport through Nordsol's unique technology. His passion? Inspiring all stakeholders to contribute to an impactful energy transition.

Léon van Bossum CEO & Partner LinkedIn

Michiel is devoted to the development of sustainable biofuels, e-fuels and new process routes for biogenic CO2. He's an expert in Gas & LNG plant design and operation, (co)-author of 14 patents, and very committed to share his in-depth knowledge.

Michiel van Aken Technical Director & Partner LinkedIn

Niels can’t think of a more dynamic environment than the energy transition. "I relish the challenge of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together with customers and their stakeholders to realize their bio-LNG projects."

Niels de Regt Business Development LinkedIn

Paul’s professional purpose is to accelerate the energy transition. At Nordsol, he contributes to this ambition by enabling attractive business cases for bio-LNG for customers, investors, and all other stakeholders.

Paul Roßteutscher Finance Manager LinkedIn

As chemical engineer in the field of sales Rob feels that the energy transition requires innovative technology. There is a lack of urgency and Rob wants to start working today on sustainable solutions for the future generations to come.

Rob van Beek Business Development LinkedIn

Remco thrives at the intersection of innovative technology and marketing communication. Fueled by his passion for sustainability, he embraces his role within the Nordsol team that converts progressive ideas into practical solutions, accelerating the energy transition in the transportation sector.

Remco Krul Technology Evangelist LinkedIn

Sam, with a background in mechanical engineering and technology management, found the perfect fit at Nordsol, where circular economy, sustainability, and entrepreneurship converge. Proud to contribute to a team with a great mission, he embraces the opportunity wholeheartedly.

Sam Wiesman Technical Sales Engineer LinkedIn

Wouter connects the dots for the energy transition. Using existing infrastructure and technology, along with de-risking the business case are his tools to integrate biogas from waste into the fuel market. He has experience in strategy and finance.

Wouter Zijlmans Financial Director & Partner LinkedIn
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