Nordsol’s pioneering technology applied in Britain’s first bio-LNG production plant.

Bio‑LNG from organic waste

RenEco, in collaboration with Nordsol, embarks on a groundbreaking mission to establish the United Kingdom’s inaugural bio-LNG production facility. Located in proximity to Rushden and under RenEco’s ownership, this plant represents an expansion of their current organic waste processing that focuses on biogas production and electricity generation. Leveraging Nordsol’s innovative technology, RenEco will convert biogas into bio-LNG (liquefied biomethane), with production to commence in the first quarter of 2024.

8 million miles fossil‑free road transport

Anticipated to yield 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG annually, the new bio-LNG facility will fuel over 8 million miles (13 million kilometers) of fossil-free road transport for heavy-duty trucks. The plant stands as an integral component of a rapidly developing circular economy. RenEco’s initiative involves the collection of organic waste from all parts of the food supply chain, its conversion into biogas and organic fertilizers via anaerobic digestion, and the transformation of biogas into the renewable products bio-LNG and biogenic CO₂. While the biogenic CO₂ displaces fossil CO2 in various industries, RenEco’s fleet, along with their customer’s fleets, will run on sustainable bio-LNG creating a circular supply chain.

Demand for bio‑LNG

Given the growing demand within the transportation sector, bio-LNG’s economic viability is increasingly appealing to biogas producers. Simultaneously, Nordsol’s innovative, highly integrated production process ensures a cost-effective conversion of biogas into bio-LNG and biogenic CO₂. The Rushden facility is the inaugural step in a broader strategy to establish multiple bio-LNG plants across the UK, underscoring Nordsol’s dedicated organizational support for the transition from biogas to bio-LNG in the UK.

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