Highest value for biogas

Bio-LNG is essential for the long-haul transport sector to become more sustainable. With the Nordsol technology, small-scale bio-LNG production directly next to the biogas installation is economically viable. Biogas producers now have an opportunity to extract more green value, more social value and more financial value from their biogas. 

More green value

The best use of biogas is bio-LNG. Replacing diesel with liquefied biogas maximises the reduction in carbon emissions. In addition, during bio-LNG production, the CO2 in the biogas is captured and reused.

More social value

Decentralized, small-scale bio-LNG production also helps enable a local circular economy in which unnecessary transport of feedstock and transport fuel are avoided.

More financial value

Bringing biogas to the fuel market can lead to an attractive business case and longer-term financial certainty. The financial returns of bio-LNG are independent from subsidy schemes and competitive to biomethane.

Biogas producers in all sectors benefit

Bio-LNG offers highest value for biogas in the private sector

Biogas producers in municipal waste disposal and food & beverage

Sustainability is an important part of today’s corporate strategy. With biogas installations, companies convert industrial waste into renewable energy and thus make progress towards their sustainability goals. Bio-LNG production from biogas enables the next step in a journey towards profitable innovation and sustainability.

  • A better valuation of the biogas
  • A smaller footprint through additional CO2 abatement
  • More flexibility to cope with biogas capacity and feedstock origin swings
  • An opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of your logistics

Bio-LNG offers highest value for biogas in the public sector

Biogas producers in sewage treatment and municipal wastewater

Social responsibility, sustainability and cost reduction are important values for public organizations. By converting municipal waste, wastewater and sewage into biogas they contribute to innovation and a reduction of GHG emissions. Bio-LNG offers an opportunity to take a step further. 


  • Bio-LNG is the best biofuel to decarbonize the heavy-duty, long-haul transport sector, today.
  • Bio-LNG production provides additional green value through carbon capture utilization (CCU)
  • Is also economically sustainable as the business case is not dependent on government subsidies.
  • Can offer more social value by enabling a local, circular economy.

Bio-LNG offers highest value for biogas in the agriculture sector

Biogas producers in the agricultural sector

Financial stability, trouble-free continuity and independence are essential objectives. Fluctuating market conditions and subsidy schemes can disrupt financial stability significantly. Bio-LNG offers agricultural entrepreneurs stable, long-term returns on their biogas installation. 

  • Attractive valuation of the biogas.
  • Independence from government subsidies.
  • Further reduction of GHG emissions through additional CO2 abatement.
  • More flexibility to cope with biogas capacity and feedstock origin swings.
  • An opportunity to create a local circular economy with companies in the region.

Why do biogas producers work with Nordsol

Nordsol is able to offer a unique combination of innovative, proven technology, project development expertise and the experience of owning and operating it’s own bio-LNG plant. This combination of technology and market expertise offers several important benefits to biogas producers:

  • An attractive valuation of the biogas in long-term contracts
  • Use of proven technology for reliable, unmanned production of bio-LNG
  • Continuity in business operations
  • A partner that thinks along throughout the entire process from project financing to bio-LNG offtake
  • Achieving sustainability, profitability and social responsibility goals