ROM Utrecht Region and private investors invest in bio-LNG technology expert Nordsol

Aug 29 2023

Nordsol to further market its unique production plants to decarbonize long-haul, heavy-duty transport and accelerate energy transition with support from ROM Utrecht Region, private investors, and existing investor Shell Ventures.

Need for bio‑LNG

The long-haul, heavy-duty transport sector is responsible for 6% of CO₂ emissions in Europe. Efforts to reduce these emissions pose a significant challenge to this hard-to-decarbonise sector. To bridge long distances efficiently and sustainably, trucks and ships depend on the onboard storage of large amounts of renewable and affordable energy. Bio-LNG stands at the forefront of the energy transition in this transport segment, addressing the need for cleaner alternatives that can seamlessly integrate with existing engines and fuel distribution infrastructure. However, bio-LNG production capacity is still limited.

Groundbreaking technology

Dutch bio-LNG technology expert Nordsol has developed a new, innovative process to produce bio-LNG from biogas. This process is considerably more efficient and easier to control than existing production methods. Because the technology is highly scalable, it fits both small-scale and large-scale biogas plants. It thus opens the potential for a large number of biogas producers to supply the transport sector with the much-demanded biofuel.

Juri van Dolderen, ROM Utrecht Region: “The heavy transport sector faces a large challenge to replace its reliance on fossil fuels with low-carbon and zero-emission alternatives. Bio-LNG provides a strong opportunity to tackle this problem. Nordsol has the technological solution to efficiently and economically increase the production of bio-LNG. Nordsol has proven its capabilities as a world-class technology provider and has all the right elements in place to make this technology a worldwide success and therewith provide a strong boost to the heavy transport sector’s path towards zero emission. ROM Utrecht Region is proud to be part of this important and impactful development.”

Scaling up

October 2021 marked an important milestone for Nordsol. His Majesty Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, opened Nordsol’s production facility in Amsterdam, the first bio-LNG plant in the Netherlands. Since then, Nordsol has further optimized the technology, expanded its customer pipeline and is currently building new production facilities.

Ruud van Bennekom, mayor of Bunnik, said: “The municipality of Bunnik is proud that companies such as Nordsol are located here. Sustainability and energy transition are important goals in our policy. Bunnik is therefore a good location for Nordsol. With its innovations, this company supplies new technologies to reduce CO₂ emissions. This is important for air quality and improving the climate. We congratulate Nordsol with the investment of the Participation Fund from ROM Utrecht Region.”

A green and great
business opportunity.

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