REGATEC 2024 retrospective

May 21 2024

Nordsol participated in the 10th international conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, REGATEC 2024, as a sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker.

About the event

Renewable methane will play a central part in the future energy system as a sustainable fuel that can be used with high efficiency and ultralow emissions. There are a multitude of conversion routes for the production of renewable methane. REGATEC has the ambition to bring the biogas, gasification and power-to-gas sectors together and be a platform where the latest advances can be highlighted and new insights and new ideas are born.

The conference took place on May 15-16, 2024, in the Scandic Star hotel in Lund, Sweden.

Our team at REGATEC

Combining her technical background and passion for sustainability, Alexa is thrilled to contribute her expertise at Nordsol, translating scientific insights into practical solutions for a greener future.

Alexa Grimm R&D Engineer LinkedIn

As chemical engineer in the field of sales Rob feels that the energy transition requires innovative technology. There is a lack of urgency and Rob wants to start working today on sustainable solutions for the future generations to come.

Rob van Beek Business Development LinkedIn

Sam, with a background in mechanical engineering and technology management, found the perfect fit at Nordsol, where circular economy, sustainability, and entrepreneurship converge. Proud to contribute to a team with a great mission, he embraces the opportunity wholeheartedly.

Sam Wiesman Technical Sales Engineer LinkedIn
Nordsol presentation

Since the start of our demonstration plant in Amsterdam in 2021, the Nordsol technology has been optimized for reliability, energy efficiency, and ease-of-operation. Today, the installation is operating above design capacity and most of the time unmanned.

The presentation at REGATEC, titled Advances in Nordsol’s integrated technology for LBG production, highlighted the process design according to Oil & Gas standards, including Unisim simulation model of the plant and the valuable operational feedback loop. This “digital twin” of the bio-LNG plant allows for:

  • plant optimisation
  • predictive maintenance
  • design checks for different conditions (biogas quality, pressure, air  temperature,  etc.)
Download presentation
Plant model in Lego©

At the conference we showed a scale model of a bio-LNG plant. This model, designed by Lunabricks, makes it very easy to understand the biogas upgrading and liquefaction process.

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