Dutch Minister Mark Harbers visits the bio-LNG installation

Jan 16 2023

Minister Mark Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management has visited the bio-LNG installation in Amsterdam. During the tour of the installation, he was informed about the role of bio-LNG in making heavy-duty, long-distance transport more sustainable.

From waste to renewable fuel

After a short introduction, the minister was shown around the installation, located on the site of waste processor Renewi in Amsterdam Westpoort. Renewi converts organic waste into biogas. In an energy-efficient production process designed by Nordsol, the biogas is converted into bio-LNG, a renewable CO₂-neutral fuel. In this process, all residual flows are utilized.

Ready for rapid upscaling

Heavy-duty, long-haul transport in particular is difficult to decarbonize without bio-LNG. Minister Harbers showed great interest in the opportunity offered by bio-LNG. The technology is ready to scale up rapidly. There is also an existing infrastructure that can scale up quickly. But there are also some bottlenecks that are currently slowing down the upscaling. And thus prevent an accelerated transition from fossil fuels to renewable bio-LNG. The discussion with the minister about policy to remove these bottlenecks was pleasant and useful.

Maximize impact with scarce resources

Minister Harbers was visibly enthusiastic. He emphasized that scarce renewable resources should be used where they have the most impact and urged Nordsol to continue on its path.

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